ETF MCC Installation

ETF MCC Installation


During Phase I of the ETF Motor Control Center (MCC) Installation, the project scope consisted of the installation of new utility power poles at Canton Road to bring a new 13.8kV power source to the eastside of ETF in support of a series of significant infrastructure upgrades.

AEI Electric, LLC and Elite Construction + Development excavated and installed over 1,600 ft of conduit and wire through manholes and transformer vaults. Once the conduit runs were completed, Elite incased the conduit in structural concrete. Elite also installed a total of eight underground vaults, four of which were manholes and the reaming were for a sectionalizing switch, a 1000 KVA transformer, and two 2500 KVA transformers. Elite procured the transformers and the sectionalizing switch and assisted AEI Electric in the installation of the critical power distribution equipment. The upgrades will power the new steam stripper, grout facility, and larger chiller being constructed around ETF.

As a continuation, in Phase II of the project Elite replaced 63 existing MCC breakers and installed 32 new breakers with all new components in four different main distribution panels (MDPs) in the electrical room of the Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF). Elite also procured an electrical house to support the new power feeds as well as installed the rebar and placed the concrete for the E-House slab.


Hanford, WA


Completed 2022

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