Elite Construction + Development Extends Mentor-Protégé Partnership with Washington River Protection Solutions Through 2022


In 2018, Elite entered a Mentor-Protégé partnership (MPP) with Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS), an industry leader, committed to the safe and efficient management, retrieval, and treatment of Hanford’s radioactive and hazardous tank waste to protect the nearby Columbia River. Since the inception of this agreement, Elite has successfully executed numerous construction contract scopes and has competed for several significant competitive award projects.

To build such a significant presence within three years is no small feat. Elite invested in and assembled a successful team of experienced and award-winning Hanford professionals to create an organization capable of winning, executing, and completing complex, high-risk construction work scopes. Our senior management staff has a combined 70 years of service at the Hanford site dating back to 2002 and significant experience in hazardous waste clean-up and environmental remediation.

On September 29, 2021 Elite Construction + Development and WRPS convened the final FY2021 MPP monthly meeting. The wide ranging conversation covered the many successes for Elite and WRPS. According to Dennis Nixie, Elite’s Director of Government Operations, “the highlight for the year was the completion of the ETF LERF Basin 44 Cover Replacement. This project was one of the most challenging projects ever completed by the Elite and WRPS teams.” Nixie went on to say “Elite’s volume of business and reputation as reliable contractors at the Tank Farm reinforces the premise and expectation for the DOE’s Mentor-Protégé program.”

WRPS recently announced the MPP with Elite was extended through 2022, with anticipation that the partnership would run a full five years. Nixie summarized by saying, “As a company, we couldn’t be happier of the continued partnership. We are proud of our contributions to the Hanford Tank Farm Mission and look forward to continuous improvement and performance in the future”.


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