REPOST: WRPS Awards Subcontract For Additional Groundwater Protection to Elite Construction + Development


Story by Jenna Kochenauer, Communications Specialist at WRPS


U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) contractor Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) has awarded a subcontract worth up to $4.8 million to advance groundwater protection efforts on the Hanford Site located in southeastern Washington state.

Elite Construction + Development, based in Pasco, Washington, will install and construct the first phase of a new protective barrier for one of the Site’s underground tank waste storage farms. This lined evapotranspiration basin — a little bigger than a football field — will collect and evaporate water drained from a future interim asphalt surface barrier over U Tank Farm’s 16 underground tanks.

The interim barrier will help prevent rain and snow melt from pushing existing contaminants closer to groundwater. The barriers are temporary structures to remain in place until a final closure decision is made for the tank farms. The protective barrier at U Farm will be the sixth interim barrier installed on the site.

The project will require excavating about 8,500 cubic yards of soil, installing a liner and piping system to collect runoff and using the excavated soil to plant vegetation as a top layer for the basin. Work is expected to be complete in late 2022.

WRPS serves as a mentor protégé for Elite — a local, small, disadvantaged business enterprise — to enhance Elite’s business and technical capability, while advancing the Hanford Site cleanup mission. WRPS has partnered with four mentor protégés since its contract with DOE began in 2008. Since then, nearly 65% of WRPS’ subcontracts have gone to small businesses, exceeding the company’s overall small business subcontracting goal of 58%.

“WRPS is proud to be a part of the Tri-Cities community, and small businesses like Elite are vital to the important cleanup work we do,” said Wes Bryan, WRPS president and project manager.

WRPS, owned by Amentum and Atkins, with integrated subcontractor Orano, is a prime contractor to the DOE Office of River Protection. WRPS is responsible for the safe and efficient management of radioactive and hazardous waste stored in Hanford’s underground tanks, and for preparing to deliver the waste to the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant for vitrification.

An article by the Tri-City Herald was also published on April 27, 2022: Small Tri-Cities company wins another Hanford contract. This one is worth $4.8 million →


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