The Inland Northwest AGC Recognizes Elite Construction + Development with the 2021 Top EMR and “As Low As You Can Go” Award


The Inland Northwest AGC, a membership organization serving commercial construction contractors, recognized Elite Construction + Development as a top performer for safety and claims management with the 2021 Top EMR and “As Low As You Can Go” Award.   

According to Curt Nead, Director of Safety for the Inland Northwest AGC, “The hard work of Elite Construction + Development and its team to keep safe pays off in several ways. From enabling workers to stay on the job, to keeping the project schedule on track, to paying less for their worker’s compensation premiums which ultimately translates into being able to be more competitive during the bid process, Elite’s commitment to provide a safe workplace and their employees’ commitment to work safe translates into more future work for the company and the employees.”    

Beyond compliance, Elite knows that a commitment to protecting the lives of our team members is in the best interest of all and ensures future success and profitability. The award, presented to Safety Director, Jesus Tapia last week, is significant because “it’s recognition for the 623 days we are currently tracking with no compensable accidents.” Mr. Tapia adds, “there is serious effort behind those numbers which directly translates to the hard work put in by our team members without compromising safety.”  

The Construction Industry experienced more than 3,300 compensable injury claims during 2020 in Washington state at an average cost of $12,580 per claim. Beyond the tracked cost, each number also represents a worker and his family affected by the results of an accident at work and potential loss of employment. Elite recognizes our safety efforts are vital for both our team members and our company. Thanks to Team Elite for making safety paramount in the workplace and thanks to the Inland Northwest AGC for the recognition.

Learn more about Elite’s approach to safety under our Pillars of Success.


Elite Construction + Development is a full-service general contractor based in the Pacific Northwest. We offer comprehensive government, commercial, and luxury residential construction support and services. Our motto, “Work Hard + Stay Humble”, is our long-standing commitment to provide unparalleled client service and to do so with honesty, integrity, innovation, and a resolve to make the end-product next level. Welcome to an Elite way of doing business.