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Ron & Wendy Kihlman

Elite Construction & Development recently completed a large commercial project for us on a vacant acre city lot in Richland, WA boarded by a medical facility on one side and a residential neighborhood on the other. The project consisted of 6 rental homes on a court yard with the entire corresponding infrastructure required.

Without the slightest reservations my wife and I can say that working with Elite Construction & Development was absolutely wonderful. Trini’s ability to negotiate and accurately estimate the project, Jaime’s understanding of the paperwork and then David’s careful assessment on how to best tackle the project with minimum disruption to the surrounding neighborhood and then have it all executed with total professionalism was beyond anything we could have imagined.

Their sense of ethics and fairness was just as impressive as their expertise. The project came in on time and budget.

I have been in the construction business for 37 years becoming, some what callous and hard to impress until I met Trini and David. Their honesty and sincerity in dealing with us, along with good value for the money philosophy was impressive.

Thank You Elite Construction & Development for a breath of fresh air!

Ron & Wendy Kihlman
Buckton Court