We strive to provide the same level of comfort to our hospitality clients that they provide to their guests.  Planning every detail of each project allows us to create a custom experience for our hospitality client's guests.

In March 2015, we began production of a 396 square foot tiny house as part of HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living” building competition. The criteria being that each house includes wine on tap, red roofs to match the Alexandria Nicole Cellars winery, and a complete kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. “What they created far exceeded our expectations” Jarrod Boyle, CEO and Winemaker of Alexandria Nicole Cellars stated.

Terence L. Thornhill Architect, designed the Elite house to be ultra-modern with high-end multimedia twists and turns. They also incorporated many repurposed materials, such a striking full-length decorative wall made of re-purposed wine barrel staves, which is in keeping with the tiny house mantra reduce, reuse, and recycle.

As the two-week long competition plays out on HGTV viewers will get to experience the real life exhaustion of both builder and maker as they strive to create the very best for the members of the Alexandria Nicole Cellars Wine Club.

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