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Why should I remodel my home?

This is obviously the first question one asks, and there is no definitive answer. Most people remodel their homes to create more living space. Others renovate just to update the look of their home, such as a new kitchen or bath, maybe adding a deck or other exterior alterations. No matter what the reason, you should carefully plan and weigh all options and issues before beginning any remodeling project. There are many factors that can affect the feasibility of a project such as, budget, zoning regulations, taxes, etc.

How long does a typical Remodel or New Home construction take to complete?

The time line is a varying factor. Again, the type of project that you choose plays a large roll in determining a completion date. Upon consultation we can give you an estimated completion date. We take pride in meeting the deadlines that we quote.

How do I prepare my home for the project?

Any renovation project is disruptive and stressful for the homeowner who has to live through it. Most people do not have the option of moving out of their home during a major renovation. For extremely large projects affecting the entire house, this may be the only option, but that is rare. The more preparation done prior to start of the job, the easier it will be to deal with it.

How much does a Remodel typically cost?

These amounts vary according to the type of project (example: Building vs. Remodeling; Whole House Remodel vs. One Level/Addition, etc.) and the types of products that you choose to add to your home. We offer a free consultation to help you get started.

Do you have any suggestions on financing our renovation? We already have a large mortgage and don’t have the available funds to proceed.

Usually, if the renovation, development or addition which is being considered adds value to your property, it can likely be financed. Your bank or mortgage broker will assess your current financial situation as well as your existing mortgage product. They will then be in a position to offer suggestions best suited to fit your needs. If you are utilizing the property as security, they will likely order an “as complete” appraisal by a Certified Appraiser and use that value to work with.

How do you budget for standard features versus upgrades?

The budgeting process is based greatly on assessing recent similar projects and current market conditions to provide a realistic outlook on the completed cost of the project. Many of our standard features are considered industry upgrades. Examples include full-extension cabinetry drawer glides, lifetime finish on door and plumbing hardware, floor squeak prevention, Low-E window glazing, and superior waterproofing details. Selections of upgraded products or design details are recorded in design memos relative to the budget.

Can I get a cost breakdown?

The process of identifying singular costs for the entire project is very difficult and time consuming. Multiple dependencies exist in many aspects of construction. Breakdowns are available for a fee, representative of the work required to provide the information. Figures are then often represented with the dependencies; for example, a new framed exterior wall would also likely include costs for siding, insulation and drywall; while the electrical or plumbing in that wall are generally reported separately.

I already have a lot – can you build on it for me?

Yes! We are happy to build on your lot.

Why should I trust Elite Construction & Development to handle a project of the size and scope that we are contemplating?

We are capable of handling virtually any project from modest repairs and restorations to complex renovations and new facility construction. Our management is well versed in project management. The size and scope of each project is carefully evaluated to ensure that appropriate resources are engaged and tasked to complete your project on time and on budget. We take a personal interest in each and every one of our projects

Can I use my friends or family that are in the construction trade to help with the project?

Typically not, the process seems to flow much smoother when less people are involved in the project. We handle your needs from start to finish. We will, however, discuss any exceptions that may be appropriate.

Why do I need to hire Elite Construction & Development as (GC) for my remodeling project?

Hiring Elite Construction & Development as a General Contractor will bring their expertise into the preparation, building, quality control, and completion of your project. It is the best way to ensure your project will proceed in a timely fashion, and with the fewest possible “surprises”. Homeowners that run their own jobs tend to not get the same attention and service from subcontractors and suppliers that the qualified GC will get. Remember, the homeowner represents only one job for the subcontractor or supplier, while the GC represents many jobs. While you may save a little money trying to GC your own job, it will be an enormous amount of work, and will most definitely take longer to complete the project

What should I expect from Elite Construction & Development during construction?

One of the most important thing’s Elite Construction & Development has to do is keep an open dialog with the homeowner. This will ensure there are no surprises. A lead man or supervisor would be assigned to your job, and would be available to handle any questions or issues you might have. You should be receiving constant updates on project schedules, additional required work, or other problems that crop up. You should expect all workers and subcontractors to be courteous, professional, and helpful. You should expect the jobsite to be cleaned daily, with debris gathered together, and all walkways clear. You should expect the work areas to be as contained as possible, and to protect the non-work areas as best as possible. You should not expect there to be workers on your job everyday. There will be days that, due to scheduling, subcontractor availability, and material deliveries, there will be no workers on site.

What will Elite Construction & Development expect of me during construction?

You should consider Elite Construction & Development a partner in your project. You will need to work together to coordinate and schedule the vast array of tasks that need to be completed. There will be many things that the Elite will need from you, the most important being the timely selection of materials. The last thing you want is to have work stop because materials aren’t available. Some materials may be special order and will require long lead times. If you haven’t received one, ask our Leadman for a list of those materials you will need to select. This process should start even before the actual construction begins. Elite Construction & Development will also in most cases need full access to the jobsite. The best way to do this is to give the Elite a key to your home, or some other means of entering, like a garage door access code. Many customers feel uncomfortable allowing a General Contractor into their home while they are not there. This is understandable, but unless someone will always be home, limiting the Elite’s access to your home will cause delays in your project.

Do you have a reference list available?

References are available upon request and can be sorted by type of project or geographic area. References are generally by phone only to protect the privacy of our customers’ addresses.