Elite Construction + Development Promotes Trinidad Diaz to Superintendent, Craft Manager and Cielo Galvez to Assistant Project Manager


Earlier this week, Elite Construction + Development, a full-service general contractor based in the Pacific Northwest, promoted Trino Diaz to Superintendent, Craft Manager and Cielo Galvez to Assistant Project Manager (APM). 

At Elite since 2010, Trino’s evolution and growth within the company are self-evident. In this role he will continue to supervise the field construction of multiple projects and will also provide administrative supervision for Elite’s Craft Labor. His knowledge and consistency shines through in his work, which has earned the respect of all who work with him. His natural initiative makes it an easy choice to trust his management and guidance, directing others to instinctively look to him as a leader. Trino and Cielo have both strongly emulated Elite’s core values by working hard, overcoming challenges. and using their strengths to build up their teams. Since starting in the construction industry, Cielo has grown through many roles with increasing responsibility. She has put notable effort into building her department, taking on expanding responsibility and continually surpassing expectations. Cielo has effortlessly grown into a leadership role, creating an environment for her team to foster success and to thrive within. With this new role, she will be transitioning to spending more time working in the office and assisting in group delegation and management. “I am very excited to officially have them in positions for which they have already been operating. They now have formal authority to operate within those capacities.”, said Jared Wendlandt, Project Manager. He added, “It feels great to be promoting and growing from within, as it builds an even stronger culture and team in house and leads to more entry level positions opening up.”

Both Mr. Diaz and Mrs. Galvez have interests well beyond their professions. Born in southeastern Washington, Trino takes satisfaction in watching others enjoy his culinary and grilling skills. He’s also a car aficionado preferring classics of the 80’s and early 90’s. When not working, Cielo loves watching the Star Wars franchise, hiking, exploring new restaurants and trying new food. She also enjoys spending time with her dogs and family. “As Elite continues to experience unprecedented growth, the ability to promote team members, who have surpassed expectation in their current positions and continue to exemplify dedication to their craft with purpose and passion, is mission critical” said David Magaña, COO.


Elite Construction + Development is a full-service general contractor based in the Pacific Northwest. We offer comprehensive government, commercial, and luxury residential construction support and services. Our motto, “Work Hard + Stay Humble”, is our long-standing commitment to provide unparalleled client service and to do so with honesty, integrity, innovation, and a resolve to make the end-product next level. Welcome to an Elite way of doing business.