Change Is Another Word for Growth: Elite’s Journey to Renewed Infrastructure and Client Experience


After a period of continued and significant growth, 2021 was a year of renewed focus on infrastructure and process. The COVID-19 pandemic clearly impacted the construction industry in terms of supply chain disruption, unpredictable pricing, and talent scarcity. For Elite, it also exposed some internal weaknesses. Trini Garibay, CEO said, “it forced us to work on creating the best version of our organization and to reevaluate what’s important.”

So, what does this reflection mean? It means more aggressive forward planning. From new process implementations to updated guiding principles, Elite recently hired a consultancy firm to assist in strategic planning and organizational development. It also means a renewed commitment to keep the client experience a priority. Regardless of what stage of growth our business is in, listening to our customers and meeting their needs is our number one priority.

Many of the challenges we currently deal with are out of our control, but what we can control is the level of effort and how forward-thinking we want to be. We look forward to refining our processes and introducing new ways of doing business in 2022.


Elite Construction + Development is a full-service general contractor based in the Pacific Northwest. We offer comprehensive government, commercial, and luxury residential construction support and services. Our motto, “Work Hard + Stay Humble”, is our long-standing commitment to provide unparalleled client service and to do so with honesty, integrity, innovation, and a resolve to make the end-product next level. Welcome to an Elite way of doing business.