Pasco Red Lion

One of the best ways to protect any real estate investment is to maintain the integrity of your roof system, that’s exactly what Pasco Red Lion owner Kam Singh did when he recently hired Ryan and Oscar of Elite Roofing & Exteriors.

The project was accomplished in two phases over 2017 and 2018.

Phase 1 – In late 2017 Elite Roofing and Exteriors Division replaced approximately 350 squares of low-slope TPO membrane.  This all-commercial application had many details including multiple roof penetrations, HVAC units, and custom skylights, which made the finished product that much more satisfying.

Elite Roofing TruckPhase 2 – March 2018 “Wing 3” – Elite Roofing and Exteriors Division replaced 400 squares of existing wood cedar shakes with new GAF Timberline 50-year asphalt shingles. High winds and that Tri-Cities summer heat can wreak havoc on skylights, create cracks in seals on large commercial properties and residential roofs alike. This section of the hotel had become weathered and required upgraded ventilation to increase the life of the roof. This phase was challenging due to high winds during the installation and some of the roof sections were 14/12 pitch – super steep! Ryan and Oscar prevailed and got the project completed on time and on budget as usual.

If your roof has been on your mind lately have Ryan and Oscar come give you a free evaluation and answer any questions.