Elite Welcomes Levi Sherman

Levi Sherman Field Work Supervisor Elite Elite Construction & Development is proud to welcome Levi Sherman as Field Work Supervisor. As Field Work Supervisor, Levi ensures procedural compliance of all high-risk and safety-sensitive projects as Elite expands their government division.

Levi brings over 30 years construction experience as well as hands-on experience working at the highest level of safety significant projects – NQA-1. Most recently, Levi supervised the exhauster installation at the AP Tank Farm, winning the Project Excellence Award from the Project Management Institute. Prior to that Levi worked on Tank Farm automation upgrades to procure, install and test 28 tank farm safety programmable systems.

“Levi is a proven leader helping government contractors execute projects on time and under budget at the highest level of safety,” said Elite Construction & Development President and CEO Trini Garibay. Adding “With hands-on journeymen experience in all phases of construction, Levi is not just a leader but a pivotal team player poised to lead our government division.”

“I am excited about the opportunity to lead Elite’s growth into the government sector“ said Levi Sherman, Elite Construction and Development Field Work Supervisor. “Our team has the drive and detail-focused approach to build lasting government relationships.”